Life on Lookout Mountain: Spring 2015


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text and photography by JOHN DERSHAM

Oh, how I love spring. I can’t wait to feel the first warm winds that blow in, sporadically at first, in March and gradually become more frequent.

The feel of a breeze on a warm day in April is something I look forward to each year, and when it comes, it makes me think about the springtimes of my youth, when the world was new and everything I did seemed to be for the first time: family picnics at the park, playing baseball, flying kites, playing outside with friends till dark and then my first girlfriend and the feeling of being in love in spring.[s2If !is_user_logged_in()]

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[/s2If][s2If is_user_logged_in()]This season is a time of new life, of rebirth in nature. It is a time when the world seems to start fresh again. Winter has taken away the old life with cold winds, freezing temperatures and snow. The old leaves are gone, and the slate has been cleaned. It is time to begin again.

I have always felt the same is true for me. In spring, I feel renewed and eager like little buds on trees turning into flowers and then leaves. I feel young again and ready to celebrate life by living all I can. Spring is energizing. In many ways, I look at spring rather than January as the beginning of the year. It starts a new cycle of seasons…a new year.

Here, where I live on Lookout Mountain, the seasonal distinctions are clear. Lookout Mountain features unusual biodiversity as well. Spring is quite a spectacle as Mother Nature brings forth an artistic palette of colorful trees, flowers and bushes.

I love watching the trees first start leafing out from the buds. The tiny, translucent leaves sparkle and shimmer in the warm sunlight. They are alive and young and ready to grow and prosper as summer beckons them on.

People and nature are really the same thing experiencing the same cycles of life. This is why we should embrace nature and take good care of her. Taking care of nature is taking care of ourselves, for we are not separate, and we cannot survive separately. Spring is a new chance for us to experience our oneness with the environment, to embrace the beauty around us and share that beauty with others who might be too busy to notice it without some prompting.

Now that spring is upon us, go out, hike, ride a bike or go to a park and feel the warm air on your face. The Lookout Mountain region is a perfect place for all these activities. Consider leaving your hectic schedule and to-do lists behind for a weekend vacation of relaxing and appreciating nature. Be at peace. After all, it’s spring – a time of rebirth, a time to begin again.

John Dersham is president/CEO of DeKalb Tourism.[/s2If]