Lookout Alabama magazine began publishing in summer 2013 with distribution to a select multi-state readership. Through articles and images, the magazine tells the stories of the people and places that make the Lookout Mountain region so special.

The magazine highlights the region’s history and natural beauty as well as the many cultural, educational, outdoor-adventure, dining, shopping and child-friendly attractions that make this little-known corner of Alabama an ideal vacation and retirement destination as well as business location.

Articles in Lookout Alabama magazine include:

Artist or Artisan Spotlight: Profile of area artist or craftsperson

Mountain Melodies: Musician profil

Doing Business Here: Interview with industry executive or company owner (why he/she located business here, benefits of area from business perspective, etc.)

What’s Cookin’: Restaurant profile

Inn for the Night: Profile of rental cabin, bed & breakfast, other lodging

Kids’ View: Profile of area attraction from child’s point of view

Nature’s Path: Profile of outdoor attraction, area in need of preservation, etc.

Good Works: Nonprofit profile

History Book: Articles exploring intriguing aspects of the Lookout Mountain area’s past

The Homestead: House profile

Folklore: Short fiction or poetry set in the area

Shop Around: Product section with items made by locals or sold in area shops

Tying the Knot: Wedding story with focus on Lookout-Mountain-area location

Lookout Georgia / Lookout Tennessee: Profile of nearby Tennessee or Georgia attraction provides access to Lookout Alabama magazine stories and photography as well as videos, musical recordings, additional images and other multi-media resources to offer a wide-ranging window into the Lookout Mountain region’s many treasures.