History Book: A Lasting Inspiration

March 1, 2016 in Featured, Spring 2016 Issue by oliviagrider


Martha Berry’s determined spirit and vision for a better future are the cornerstone of Berry College.


My mother loved reading and enjoyed giving book reviews. She belonged to two “literary” clubs that required book reviews from all of their members.

For reasons not at all apparent to my younger self, she preferred biographies of women who had accomplished great things. At some point in her reading, or during her extensive preparation for the review, she would look up from her book and notes and comment to no one in particular, “she was quite a gal.” I suspect that this was her version of the adage “well-behaved women seldom make history.”

The book “Miracle in the Mountains: The Inspiring Story Of Martha Berry’s Crusade For The Mountain People Of The South” (by Harriett T. Kane), one of her choices, tells the story of the educator and founder of Berry College in Rome, Ga., and may offer a challenge to that adage.

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