Feature: Taking the Plunge


Jumping from 14,000 feet offers breathtaking views and a chance to share amazing personal experiences with others.


Usually, my thoughts are very loud in my head. I’m a thinker. There’s always something to be thought about and analyzed and fixed. If we aren’t breaking our situations down to the minutest details, we aren’t breathing. Skydiving takes that chaos away from me. All I hear is the rushing of the wind and my brain almost can’t comprehend how beautiful things are in that moment. Not just the scenery, but also the courage of letting go even if just for a moment. The mind is completely clear, and I’m just along for the ride…

It is a slightly chilly morning as we arrive at the Chattanooga Skydiving Company hangar. There is just a smidge of cloud cover, but it is enough to make me worry we won’t be able to jump today.

My weather fears are quickly dispelled, and I find my personal quest for this article intertwining with the endeavors of two couples whose unique stories and respective experiences make this assignment seem almost too perfect.

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