Feature: A Change of Perspective

Little River Escapes-2edited (2)

Want to downsize and simplify without cramping your style and quality of life? Little River Escape offers tiny-cabin living with a sense of community and plenty of outdoor amenities.


Downsizing isn't exactly a new concept, but it has gain steam, especially in the wake of the housing bubble and economic downturn of recent years. Some people are taking the anti-McMansion mindset to a different level – stepping way down to embrace the so-called tiny-house movement.
But reducing one’s residential footprint to 400 square feet or even smaller doesn’t necessarily mean stepping down in lifestyle. “Living large in small spaces” has become the philosophical tagline for those wanting to de-clutter or simplify and still enjoy a certain quality of life.

Ed Watters, developer of Little River Escape, is making small-home living an easy and realistic option. His tiny-cabin community along the east fork of Little River in Cloudland, Ga., offers a turnkey approach to a new lifestyle that is more than just a gated RV park.

The cabins are park model units built on a recreational vehicle chassis and constructed of high-quality materials that rival stick-built cabins in style, comfort and efficiency. A community pool and pool house coupled with the natural beauty and outdoor recreational opportunities further set the development apart.

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