One-of-a-Kind Treasures

The Lookout Mountain area is the home or inspiration of countless artists and craftspeople.

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It also hosts shops, galleries and antique stores offering unique and unusual items. Here’s a small sampling of what you can find.

ug mugUg-Chug Mugs
inspired by traditional southern face jugs, each of these handmade stoneware mugs sports unique features and a name carved into the bottom. (“grant” and “ayers” are seen here.) The mugs make great gifts and are dishwasher and microwave safe.
The Alabama Gift Company in Gadsden, Ala.

rocking motorcycleRocking Motorcycle
This sturdy hardwood toy is made for play. you’ll also find vintage toys including pedal cars and collectibles ranging from furniture to folk art at sassafras.
Sassafras in Mentone, Ala.

windmill-light-fixtureWindmill Chandelier
Emblematic of Joe Croker’s work, this light fixture is made entirely of repurposed material, mainly a “busted yard windmill.”
it also contains an industrial filter and a band used to hold nail cans together.
Dave’s Antiques in Hammondville, Ala.,

lookout-mountain-rockerLookout Mountain Rocker
Randy Cochran and his sons, Dylan and Keith, build the lookout Mountain Rocker from native walnut, maple, oak, ash and sassafras. They construct the frame using traditional mortiseand-tenon joinery, and the fully suspended seat and back are made of vegetable-tanned, handstretched saddle leather they oil and finish with paste wax.
Kamama in Mentone,

necklaceHandcrafted Jewelery
Patricia davis’ layered-filigree jewelry is fashioned from natural gemstones, and no two pieces are the same. This necklace  features a capaciona jasper stone, glass pearl and gold-plated brass chain.
Chattanooga (Tenn.) Market (every Sunday through November) and ColorFest in Mentone, Ala. (Oct. 19-20)

pottery3Native American Pottery
Using Native American techniques, Tammy Beane makes reproductions of prehistoric and historic pottery, mainly for museums but also to sell to the public. This Ramey-incised pot is a replica of one found at Cahokia Mounds in illinois.
Kamama in Mentone,

bunker_artBuckner Art
Suzan Grissett-Buckner doesn’t set out to depict anything in particular, beginning by attaching paper clippings to wood board and painting randomly. Then she stands back and “cloud watches,” seeing what image emerges and completing it. her husband Charles Buckner creates his art with recycled metal and wood.
Dog painting, $175; Face painting, $250; Art Angel, $35
Kamama in Mentone, Ala.,