Welcome to Lookout Alabama

Magazine highlights one of the South’s most wondrous regions

Whether you are a subscriber to this publication, have been gifted with a complimentary issue or are visiting the Lookout Mountain region and picked up a copy from a local tourist spot, we would like to say hello and introduce ourselves.

Lookout Alabama is a quarterly magazine that celebrates the unique culture, history and natural beauty of the Lookout Mountain area, which encompasses parts of Alabama, Georgia and Tennessee. Our goal is to spread word of the many features that make this region an ideal vacation and retirement destination as well as business location.

For generations, this area – especially in northeast Alabama – has been a pleasant escape for those seeking to avoid more commercialized tourism destinations within the Southeastern United States. While the northern parts of Lookout (as locals often call it) have enjoyed popularity thanks to better-known attractions like Ruby Falls and Rock City, those who frequent the Alabama portions of the mountain and its charming valley towns often tell friends and family this area is one of the South’s “best kept secrets.”

We agree wholeheartedly. Where else can you find a river that not only runs almost its entire course atop a mountain, but has cut one of the grandest canyons this side of the Mississippi? Where else can you snow ski in the deep South? Where else can you find a state’s oldest home and one of its oldest hotels within 10 miles of each other? Where else can you find event venues ranging from a working farm to a vineyard to a castle? That’s right – a castle, owned by one of country music’s biggest stars.

But there’s more – a world-renowned glass-blowing studio, quaint shops and boutiques, art galleries, hideaway restaurants offering new takes on traditional Southern fare, breathtaking natural beauty and opportunities for countless outdoor activities – hiking, biking, rappelling, hang gliding, caving, camping, rock climbing, zip-lining and more – a state-of-the-art, university-run field school, some of the country’s best summer camps … and we’ve just begun.


Then there are the people. Artisans, musicians, writers and other talented residents as well as hard-working, down-home folks who welcome visitors with open arms and genuine kindness.

The following pages highlight some of the people, places and attractions that are just too good to keep secret any longer.

We hope you enjoy reading Lookout Alabama and will be inspired to visit this region. If you’re already here, we hope you’ll learn about something you’re interested in that you might have missed otherwise. Please tell those you meet Lookout Alabama sent you and the secret is out.


Randy Grider